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Title: Stars on the board...
Post by: Red Badger on May 16, 2011, 09:28:37 AM
Several people have asked what the stars under your name represent, so here are the lists, there are two of them...

Mangeurs de Lard      no stars
Avant Courier      1 gold star
Hiveranno              2 gold stars
Coureurs de Bois      3 gold stars
Chef de Voyage      4 gold stars
Dryball Companion   5 gold stars   

and the other is for unique positions:

Factor             crossed hawks
Booshway                 4 Blue Stars
Moderator                  3 Blue Stars
Blacksmith            2 Blue Stars
Founding Father         5 Blue Stars
Gunsmith            2 Blue Stars
Horner            2 Blue Stars
Master Gunsmith         2 Blue Stars
Seamstress            2 Blue Stars

This section is not working properly and is under investigation.... thanks