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Member Group Levels
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For those of you who are new or have not seen this before, the member group levels are listed below. 

Mangeurs de Lard---French Boatmen on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers who helped the explorers and trappers get
                           to their destinations.  Number of postings to be at this level:  0-30

Free Trapper-------A trapper who worked for himself, not a trading company.  Number of postings required for this
                           level:  30-124

Avant Courier------A French word meaning "scout."  Used by voyageurs and mountain men.  Number of postings for
                          this level:  125-249

Hiveranno---------An experienced Mountain Man who had lived many years in the Indian country.  Number of
                         postings to be at this level:  250-399

Coureurs de Bois--An early French Trapper.  Number of posts for this level:  400-999

Chef de Voyage--Voyageur or party leader.  Number of posts for this level:  1000+

Guest -- A guest who has posted in a topic is someone who was a member of the site and has moved on for one reason or another, and is no longer a member of the site

Members can belong to other categories as well:

Factor----------The people who develop and control the forum.

Booshway-------Group of people who help govern and answer questions on the forum.

Historian--------People who add historical information to the forum, answer historical questions and do research for
                      members of the forum.
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